If money was no object…

We've all been asked this at some time (or asked it of ourselves) ‘if money were no object what would you do?' In fact, I asked my significant other this question at the weekend in an attempt to generate some ideas for a wet windy bank holiday in Yorkshire - the answer was very much [...]

Week 2

Remember last week - my intention was to 'remember this is not a holiday' well with a bank holiday weekend thrown in at the end of it I didn't quite succeed.  So here we are at the beginning of week 2 and I've done no work on my website or building and developing my client offering. However, [...]

Week 1

After a fabulously sunny week in 'Scarbados' last week I'm now well into week 1 of my latest venture into self employment as an HR Consultant and Coach (following a short detour from my 'Plan A' back into the world of full time employment last summer until recently!) So far this week I've: Enjoyed getting up a good hour [...]


Having decided it was time to move on from my role at LIV and go back to my consultancy roots a while back and now I'm counting down the last two weeks of my notice period. Like everyone else embarking on a new project I'm really excited and elated  at the prospect of doing something new, even so I [...]