Certain events and life itself were getting me down. Pauline has changed all that! She made me realise how important it is for me to take care of myself and to do things that make my heart sing. To go back to basics and really think about the things that make me happy. But she did it in a way that wasn’t telling me what to do, but asking me the right questions so I came up with suggestions and realisations on my own. She also taught me to anticipate situations that could lead me to feel stressed, angry or upset and what processes I could put in place beforehand or early on which would ensure I kept on an even keel. Pauline taught me that I’m only human and humans make mistakes. But by learning from them and moving on, you are much better at coping should the same situation arise again. As a busy Mum of 2 young children, it is incredibly easy to find yourself feeling angry, stressed and lonely, but thanks to Pauline, I now have the tools to cope with life better. I am feeling happier and less stressed and therefore am a better Mother and wife. MG Harrogate

Pauline has been a supportive coach from the start of our series of sessions together. Although I switched topics couple of times throughout our sessions, she showed empathy for all the different goals that I was coming up with. One attribute that I’d like to highlight is the quality of great questions that Pauline tends to come up with without. She asks a great questions, and all of a sudden you have a light bulb moment which seems to solve all your problems. LM London

Pauline helped me enormously. She took my dream seriously and helped me focus on exactly what it was that I wanted to achieve. She helped me set a specific target (to publish by August 2019) and then helped me to break down the project into bite sized pieces which made it seem more manageable. Each session she helped me to remember the longer term goal and got me to think about what it would feel like once I’d achieved the goal. Then week by week she helped me focus on undertaking some research to identify my specific topic and to gain clarity on using Kindle publishing. By the end of our sessions I felt as if the project was underway and that I was in control. I enjoyed having Pauline coach me. She was business-like, which encouraged me to be accountable; but she was also friendly, which made me feel she believed in me. She encouraged me to think of all the options and made me realise that I had known the next step all along. I would have found it difficult to get the project started without her help. LT Plymouth