HR Systems

When a business is very small it’s relatively easy to manage everything on an individual basis and keep employee records on a spreadsheet and in filing cabinets. However, as you grow this becomes an increasingly inefficient way of doing things.

Cloud based HR systems are ideal for any business and especially those with a geographically dispersed workforce, as they can be accessed from anywhere where there is an internet connection, they take you a step closer to a paperless office by providing the ability to book and approve holidays (and other absences) and provide access to company policies and procedures, personnel and training records on line 24/7.

For the HR professional, or the Office Manager dependent on the size of your business a good HR system not only saves time, reduces administration and aids consistency it can also provide accurate data on which the business can base key decisions at the touch of a button.

I have successfully helped several companies to transition from paper and spreadsheet based systems to affordable ISO27001 compliant cloud based HR systems designed specifically for small company use (e.g. 20 – 200 employees) improving their ability to manage and analyse employee data and information. If you’d like help with a similar project please get in touch Contact