Achieving your dreams can be easy

Have you ever wondered why you don’t seem to be able to turn your dreams into reality? Is it just you? or is there some special trick involved?

We all have dreams which we’d be over the moon about if they came true – you know the ones that go something like ‘one day I’ll find a job that I love’ or ‘wouldn’t it be lovely to have a job which is flexible so I can spend more time ……’ or even ones like ‘if only I could lose 10 pounds I’d be able to wear whatever I wanted.’

You may even have set off to achieve these but then it just hasn’t worked out and you end up convincing yourself well it just wasn’t meant to be.

Well, in a way there is some kind of special trick involved in turning your dreams into reality – although that’s probably not the best way of phrasing it. Basically, to achieve your dreams, apart from any specific experience or essential qualifications, you need:

  • To be absolutely clear that it really is your dream that is you want to do this for you, you’re are not doing it because some other important person in your life thinks you should do it.
  • Your dream need to be in line with your core values (such as satisfaction, security, love). These are the values that will drive you to take (or not as the case may be) action you need to achieve that dream (not those you’ve picked off a list of values you found on the internet because they seem to be right for you)
  • An understanding of the beliefs that you unknowingly have at the back of your mind which work against you getting what you want (you know that irritating voice you have in your head which tells you things like ‘you don’t want to do that!’; ‘you’ll never be any good at that’; what makes you think you can do that when you can’t even….’

If you’re not convinced you can turn your dream into reality, or you’re trying to do so but not making any headway, or it’s all too hard yet you have the essential skills, qualifications, experience and knowledge to be able to do what you want to do then it’s time to take a closer look at your dream.

Asking yourself simple questions can really help you get under the skin of why things are not happening as you want. Try these and ask them of yourself repeatedly writing down your answers as you go

  • ‘How much do I really want to do this on a scale of 1 to 10?’ If it’s not already a 9 or a 10 you might want to ask yourself ‘what needs to happen to get this from x to y?’
  • ‘Have I got a detailed action plan?’ Any gaps in your plan will be filled in by your subconscious, your subconscious will always follow its familiar patterns because your subconscious is there to make navigating life easy for you not help you achieve challenging goals.
  • ‘Where on this action plan am I stuck?’ and if there is any part or parts you are stuck on ask yourself ‘what is it that is stopping me from doing this?’

Doing this is not always the easiest thing to do and you may find it easier with the help of a coach, however the exercise can be really illuminating and what you uncover can explain why you are struggling, lead to Aha moments and result in major breakthroughs and move you much further towards achieving your dreams

By the way if you don’t have the essential skills etc to be able to progress your dream you don’t necessarily need to give on it, consider how you can get what you need to move forward and if you can realistically do this set this as your new dream, build a detailed action plan and take that first step towards your dream