A goal is just a dream with a date

I came across this phrase recently and it immediately struck a chord. But then I got to thinking – is it really true? cos we all know that some dreams are just dreams, or are they?

If we really explore those seemingly unattainable dreams, we might find a way to achieve our true desires. Maybe we just need to be flexible in our thinking about what exactly what it is we really and truly want?

Let’s take a common dream ‘I want to win the lottery!’ Well don’t we all? I hear you say – but the chances of doing so are millions to one, so you really do need a lot of luck to win it (and you also need to be in it to win it which knocks me out most weeks of the year for a start!)

However, if we were to explore what it is we really want to do if we were to win a good sum on the lottery, how we would actually spend our time (once the novelty of being able to have or do anything we want has worn off) and who we would spend it with, we will likely find out what our true dreams are.

It’s these underlying dreams that we can put dates on, so turning them into goals. Once we have the goal then we can work out action plans to turn the underlying dream into reality and achieve the same feelings as a lottery winner.

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