If money was no object…

We’ve all been asked this at some time (or asked it of ourselves) ‘if money were no object what would you do?’ In fact, I asked my significant other this question at the weekend in an attempt to generate some ideas for a wet windy bank holiday in Yorkshire – the answer was very much along the lines of ’well as money is an issue that’s a pointless question – however if it wasn’t I’d go abroad to somewhere warm and sunny and admire the view.’ So, no further forward as to how to spend a wet bank holiday weekend in Yorkshire.

Despite this, this question is often used as a prompt for those who know they want to make a change but who are not at all sure that they know what that change really looks like. However, its and almost impossible question to answer on our own as when it comes down to it we don’t really know and can’t easily imagine stuff outside of our personal experience.

After we’ve spoken about buying the dream house, visiting everywhere on our bucket list spending more time with significant others and other important people in our lives, the nitty gritty of exactly how we would spend our days, those days when we’re not on holiday, eludes us.

Would we work? Well we wouldn’t need to, would we? After all money is no object, is it?  Would we shop? Well surely there really are only so many things you can buy before it becomes boring? Would we go out to lunch? How many lunches can you really eat before you crave something normal like beans on toast? Would we exercise? Would we do the housework? May be not – maybe we’d get a cleaner in to do that!

In fact, the answer to this question if you don’t have already have a genuine burning heartfelt desire to do something in p[articular is pretty much likely to be much the same as what we already do with a few extra bells on, to reflect the fact that ‘now money is no object’.

So whilst this question works for some, it most definitely does not work for everyone even with the help and support of a coach. There must be another solution, the question is what is it? I’m hoping that this series of blogs will lead me to an alternative solution for finding out how I want to spend my time and what I have to do to achieve this.

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